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What I look forward to in 2019!



Traveling is one of the top things I look forward to this year in 2019 because I told myself straight out of college I would be in the sky, out of the country and over sea. I wanted to see new places whether they would be big cities or small cities, I just wanted to be on the move. My universe had a much better plan for me. Right out of college I married my best friend. We adventured together out of state and out of the country. In the middle of our almost perfect beginning I was blessed with a prices less gift, our baby girl Nori. We knew we wanted her and each other forever so we dove into life and parenthood together. Having my daughter has DEFINITELY slowed my life down while building it up it up in so many other areas. What I mean is no I rarely get to go out to party or even see other human being (besides my daughter and husband)on a daily basis. But what I do get is to watch this incredible force within a little tiny human girl grow and develop. I get to assist my baby girl through life while loving & growing with my husband everyday. It’s truly priceless.

Doesn’t mean ya girl doesn’t want to sprint on a beach under the sun every now and then.

So now that I have some what of a grasp on motherhood as well as marriage this is the year that I get to pick up the things I once loved to do. I’m putting it out into the universe to go AT LEAST one or two places out-of-state. And OF COURSE weekend trips of camping and hiking to get out doors and explore with Nori. I want that to manifest this year I’m speaking that it into existence for us.

Baby Girl’s first birthday.

I know at least one person is thinking how can this not be the number one thing to look forward to in the new year. PLEASE REMEMBER… I gave my daughter my body for nine long months and still now after I give her my body and every piece of my being!! So, yes I must admit I’m a teeny tiny bit more excited to travel & get back to some things I once loved.

It certainly will be a really special day so I do look forward to it, I cannot wait to decorate the house with gold, white and pink.

I’m excited to see many of her silly faces when she gets to eat cake and ice cream. It’ll be some messy fun. Hopefully a ton of our family comes out so that we can all celebrate her life together. We’ll basically be doing an old school birthday party, with chips, hot dogs and cute decorations. She’s so young, we’ll save all the expensive birthday parties until she’s old enough to remember. I think it’s going to be a great event I also can’t wait to take a ton of pictures.

My Career as a teacher.

After being a stay at home mom for just two and a half months I realized it actually was not for me. I tried getting us into a nice daily routine but truth is, it was too damn isolating. I missed seeing people, I missed doing my hair and makeup just to leave the house. I had nothing to do and nowhere to go. Which is not who I am or what I am used to. I am a busy body, I’m so used to moving around from sun up to sun down. I fought with myself mentally and physically about what was best for me and Nori. I truly cherished the time I had to figure it out.

Once I was ready, I started doing applications and I landed another teacher position.

Being back at work as well as beginning a new year has me all excited for what is to come with my new classroom. I look forward to learning more about my students as well as myself as a teacher. Leaching new teaching styles, classroom arrangements as well as cool activities.

Exploring our space.

When I say I look forward to traveling I mean actually packing up to leave home for days at a time for a long road trip or a flight out-of-state or country. When I say exploring I mean our space right around us. Activities like hiking, swimming, fishing, DIY projects in the yard. Those type of activities that help squeeze in a little extra quality time throughout the week.

I also believe those type of activities build families up with the chance to express themselves, work as a team and problem solve together. I seriously look forward to that with our little family.

So far we have book two flights out of states and are already planning the first family camping trip of this year. We have a goal to have fun and enjoy our family and we’re sticking to it.

I would love, love , love to know what everyone else is looking forward to in the new 2019 year!

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