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Why I’m loving Bob Marley’s quote.


Hey Hey guys!!

I wanted to share one of my most recent favorite quotes, and in order to do that I must share a “fun fact” about myself.  

Which is…….

My father has been incarcerated since I was the young age of two. I am sure you are thinking it is very strange for me to call such an unfortunate situation a “fun fact” but it certainly is. Since my father has been incarcerated we have developed a very strong bond through sharing letters, pictures, emails and video visits. My father has made an incredible effort to maintain a positive leadership role in my life. My father decided to further his education through his physical incarceration to be able to further teach my sister and I. 

There are no words for the amount of strength that resides inside my father. I am just beyond grateful that he belongs to me. 

Now that you know a fun fact about me. Let me explain why this Bob Marley quote is now one of my favorites. 

My life after having a baby was a beautiful rollercoaster. Things that were once normal like showering were now planned events, dinners were ancient myths, and I won’t even begin to mention my hair. During my beautiful rollercoaster after birth my husband agreed to be on solo duty for 20 minutes so that I could go take a walk outside. The 20 minute breaks of fresh air are life savers. During my walk I witness the natural beauty of the community that we live in, owners walking the fur babies, kids actually playing outside and cars occasionally whipping past. I had no idea of the weather forecast for that day, I just sprinted at the opportunity to get a bit of fresh air. 

Out of no where it started to POUR DOWN raining.

I was literally only wearing a spaghetti strapped shirt, some sweat pant bottoms and my favorite crocs. (I love crocs.) My initial thought was to sprint home, but once I started running I started to enjoy it so much. I started to laugh like I was a toddler jumping in a dirty puddle for the very first time. I took my crocs off and stomped in the grass, did a few sketchy cartwheels and just loved the moment I was granted to reconnect with nature. I felt the rain hitting my skin it was so cold it have me chills but it also made me appreciate my existence in such a beautiful place.

When I returned home..

My husband was halfway packed up with the baby to come look for me. In that very moment I was filled with so much love and appreciation. A few weeks later my father emailed me a quote.

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.”

–Bob Marley

That day, I did not just get wet. I felt the rain  confirming my existence, reminding me of my position in such an extraordinary place. I was recharged with love to continue on during my beautiful after birth rollercoaster.

I have tons of quotes that keep me motivated and inspired through out my busy weeks, leave a comment below and let me know if you would like to read about more of my favorite quotes. You can always check out my Contact Page to connect and share your thoughts with me. 

Peace, love and hair grease <3

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