Family Adventures

5 Fun Fall Activities


On this beautiful Sunday Fun day, we actually made it to church and to a beautiful park to explore some cool old war tanks. Sunday morning I jumped my butt out of the bed at 5 am with a fierce determination to get my family to church.

Each Sunday that we miss church I feel terrible about it because I was raised in the church and it taught me faith and how to have hope. I want the same thing for my daughter, I want her to be able to know and feel a higher power. As a new mum I believe children need more direction than just mommy and daddy, it truly takes a village to raise a child. Our church home is apart of that village so it matters to me that we remain consist to teach our daughter at the least faith and consistency.

I laid out Neil and Nori’s clothes first, straightened up the house and then started working on myself. I have learned that nothing will get done if mommy doesn’t initiate it.

I must admit that I am totally one of those ladies that love the fall weather because of the hundreds of layers of clothes we’re able to FINALLY show off. The weather is at the point where we aren’t too warm but also not freezing in the soon to come Chicago weather just yet.

Once every one was all dressed I basically was sprinting out of the house because we ended up running 10 minutes late. We arrived to church in the middle of prayer and jumped right in as soon as it was done. The word of the day was to teach your children about the hurt in the world. Teach them so that they are able to grow through it.

It seemed like our pastor was speaking directly to Neil and I. We have had numerous conversations about how we will handle certain situations as our daughter and future children grow and we always conclude with agreeing to be as honest and transparent as possible with our children. That message feed our spirit and we were eager to find some adventure in the rest of the day.

As soon as church was done it was time to get on to adventuring through the day. We had options like…

  1. Going bowling
  2. Going to the pumpkin patch
  3. Early morning bond-fire
  4. Taking a walk through a farm or park

The winner was taking a walk through a park. We decided on a beautiful park not too far from our home. It turned out to be decorated with mini pumpkin patches, bright furniture in the grass and of course the cool old war tanks. Young children and families were all over climbing the tanks and taking family fall photos.

We took our baby girl all around the park to explore. She explores through sensory play at this age so we made sure to let her touch anything she was interested in. We found that she is NOT found of wood chips. She was so grossed out by them. She loved to touch the pumpkins, she even tried to eat a huge one.

Every day is new day for us to learn one another more. We are just in the beginning of a beautiful life. I’d love to know what you guys do to enjoy a Sunday fun day? You can share with me below or contact me on my contact page.

Hey hey, tell me what you think!