Family Adventures

An adventure with my Husband!


It’s always an amazing evening if Neil and I can both get out of work and home while there is still some daylight out. This last Monday the universe was totally on our side. Not only did we make it home with daylight to spare, my mom who prefers to be called Tanny (tiny-grandma) insisted on keep our baby girl for the evening. Which we are so grateful for because not only are we new parents we’re only a year and a half into our marriage. Any few extra hours we have to connect and communicate about our day are golden, or even time to dedicate to our own individual projects is just so nice. We love our baby girl to the moon and back a million times, but we also understand that in order to take care of her we have to take care of ourselves too.

So of course with a golden evening off I’m thinking “Heck yea, I’m about to get so much homework done, may even clean our oven, listen to some old school songs around the house”.

Now, for me that’s and incredible evening, I could totally use the time to get some designs and homework done and of course there is always one of our piles of laundry to be done and a dish to be cleaned.

Anyway, then there’s Neil.. INSTANTLY packing our fishing gear when I let him know my mom is keeping shark for the evening. Yes, we call our daughter shark, click the link and you will totally know why.

Neil understands our golden evenings completely different from I do. I like to connect through cleaning/organizing our space and Neil likes to connect through adventures. So knowing that I put on my supportive hat and declared that, that evening was his and when mine comes up we’re gutting one of our bedroom. That was settled so now let me explain just how in the heck I pushed through this evening.

We drove to the fishing spot about 15 minutes from our home and although the universe was on our side for providing an evening off, the weather was not. We had to travel through a bit of high grass to get to the fishing spot. When we’re only about 2 minutes into the high grass my feet start to sink through mud and water begins to raise up my calves. Of course I freaked out a bit because I was wearing crocs and was so afraid of squashing a fish between my foot and my croc. So I try to keep going for my husband because he is sporting the biggest smile so excited about the water being so high and not worried one bit about a fish going in his crocs. Once the water got to me knee I literally couldn’t go on any more. I told Neil “Nopeeeee, that’s it. I’m done.”

He definitely laughed at me but still helped me get my butt out of there.

We settled for another spot near by on top of rocks with a few bushes around. This time there were no fish going in my crocs so I was safe but of course mosquitos and spiders were living their best life all around. I never stopped swatting or scratching my ankles the whole half hour we stood out and casted our fishing pool. I even spotted a humongous spider spinning a web unusually fast.

After all that adventuring the silly things we laughed about, the bugs we called out and the day we spoke about was all worth it. To be able to reconnect and recharge for another day was beautiful.

What do you do to reconnect at the end of the day?

Hey hey, tell me what you think!