Growing Up…

First things first, I absolutely love to talk. I can remember back to being a young girl talking the ears off of all my elders. Half of my elders would entertain my random conversations and the other half would straight up tune me out or tell me to just be quiet. I would be quiet for a little bit, then quickly find something else that interest me and then I wanted to talk about it.

My love for speaking is my very first personality trait that I learned about myself. I later learned I loved caring for children, learning about different art forms, athletics, and school.

Growing up through my school age years I was involved in so many different activities. I participated in Track and Field for 8 years, Dance for 5 years and Wrestling for 4 years. I also was involved in Black Student Union, Best Buddies and FCCLA for my peeps that actually know what that is.

Yes, I am one of those people who loved high school.

My sports gave me the chance to shine and be apart of something larger than just me. My sports also gave me a sense of pride, being proud to be apart of my school as well as my team.

College Career

During my 6 year journey to completing my Bachelors degree of Liberal Arts I met some incredible people and took some very cool courses.

I would love to say that my college career was perfect, but it was not and that’s why I think it was great. 

College pushed me to limits I never knew I even had.  Since I was raised by a phenomenal single mother and an incarcerated father there was no money for me to complete my secondary education. I had to work full-time all through my college career in order to afford everything that comes along with being an undergraduate student. Many times I would stay up all night to study for an exam or to complete a course essay because that was the only time I could dedicate to my studies.

My college career taught me to NEVER GIVE UP. I was knocked down a countless number of times for not having tuition money by a certain date to not being able to afford a $500 canon camera for a 8 week course, or my then employer not willing to work around my course schedule. it legit was a struggle. A struggle that I feel has been so worth. This December 2018 I will officially be done with my undergraduate career.

Life Now..

I am the wife and mother of a beautiful family, learning and adventuring through life every day. I want to share with you how I navigate my life bold and fiercely. 

This website is dedicated to love, positivity and fun. I will cover the topics of motherhood, marriage and adventures. I do not have a target audience so I must say this site is for anyone willing to listen.

I will be adding post at least once a week about DIY projects that worked for me, our family adventures and just the way that we do life. I am running this website and blog simply because I love to talk and I wanted to create the opportunity to share my opinions and experiences as a new mom and wife.

I am also looking towards expanding my graphic design knowledge and community. And finally I do hope to generate another form of income for our growing family. 

Now that you know more about me, let’s talk. It’s your turn to check out one of my blog post on my blog page and speak your mind.