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5 Sensory Activities for Babies!


My precious baby girl is now 8 months old and at this stage of her young life she is becoming more aware of her surroundings as well as object permanence.

Meaning she understands that mommy and daddy still exist even when we leave the room. She also makes conscious decisions about toys she wants to play even if they are far away from her. She also makes conscious decisions about things she wants to eat or just throw on the ground. It is so incredible to watch her learn new things literally everyday. Her personality is just shinning through.

Since I do have back ground in early childhood education I am aware of the developmental changes Nori is going through. I am on a mission to make sure that my time at home is full of QT and developmental learning.

Sensory play begins with understanding early childhood education. Early childhood education is designed to aid in the cognitive and social development of children. It is considered early childhood education because it is catered to children younger than school age which begins at kindergarten. There are many different programs and philosophies that are dedicated to early childhood education which begins in nursery classroom at 6 weeks of age. (6 week of age is the earliest age a child can attend a childcare center, but learning begins in the womb.)

The basic point of every philosophy is that there in no need to wait to educate a child. Children are such intelligent little people and the ARE able to explore their 5 senses from the day they are welcomed. On my journey of motherhood I will be sharing all the many ways we can begin to teach our babies from day one. Through sensory play babies are able to use a scientific method of observing, forming a hypothesis, experimenting and then on to making conclusions.

I have collected 5 of my favorite “How To” post for fun sensory activities. 

1. Ribbon Box

This ribbon box idea is so cute and easy to create. Even if you don’t have a large tub to use. You can replace it with any safe space to hang ribbons from. Make sure it is low enough for baby to reach and explore it.

2. Sensory Bottles

I know for a fact this is an awesome idea because my baby girl loves it. You can fill any plastic water bottles with just about anything from macaroni noodles to warm and cool liquids. Don’t forget to make sure the plastic bottle is securely closed.

3. Sensory Bags

Want to see your baby do some serious thinking? Place different shiny or textured objects in a zip lock bag with a tiny amount of water. Your baby will explore the bag using their fine motor skills to grab at the different object.

4. Touch and Feel Sensory Sticks

Your baby may enjoy this activity or totally be freaked out by these sensory sticks and that is ok. Exploring different textures prepares your baby for different toys, foods and life experiences.

5. Water play

Oh my gosh, water play in our house is an ultimate favorite. Also probably one of the easiest sensory activities to quickly gather for a bored or fussy baby. With just a tiny bit of water, a few toys and supervision this activity is a ton of fun.

These fun sensory activities can give your baby the chance to explore their senses through investigative play. Through investigative play your baby builds nerve connections in the brains pathways. Cool stuff right!!

It is scientifically proven that those connections later assist in your child’s ability to complete complex tasks. Such serious stuff happening while they explore a bag full of colored water or even a tub full of cooled spaghetti. I’m so excited talking about sensory activities I had to throw in a 6th one for you guys. ♥

Have some fun and be creative with learning. I would love to know how your little ones responded to these sensory activities. Also, if you have any sensory learning ideas feel free to share them with me under this post or on my contact page. After all, I’m still a learning mamma living life fiercely, while sharing my experiences.

Hey hey, tell me what you think!