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5 Home activities for Babies.


When Nori and I are at home during the week sometimes we honestly get bored. I have moments where I think to myself “what to do next?” As a mother sometimes that can be frightening because at every given moment you want to have it together, you want to be the super mom, and you want to have all the answers but the reality about that is sometimes it’s just not the case. I have so many moments where I just have to sit and think about the activities that we have already done and the things we have yet to do.

I also always make reference to my daughter’s age and where she should be developmentally. 

I really enjoy using the Baby Center app. It may sound silly, but I felt so connected to my baby girl when she was in utero because I was aware of all the changes her and I were growing through together. It has updates and value information for every day of your pregnancy as well as once the baby is born. Baby Center has created a wonderful parent community for people to share experiences and simply have conversations with parents who are going through similar situations.

If you are expecting, trying or already a parent definitely recommend the app.

Once I have enough information about the developmental milestones she has reached or the ones that are soon to come, I literally searched our house for things that I can turn into developmentally appropriate toys or activities. It actually turns out to be a fun game let alone saving a ton of money because baby toys are unreasonably expensive. So taking the time out to search the house for things to repurpose is perfect.

In my list of five home activities all these things can be found around your home. Nori and I have done all these activities so we know that they are super fun. I’ll give you a little bit of explanation about all of them.

1. Macaroni Shaker

This gem is a perfect introduction to musical instruments. Babies sometimes and be uncomfortable if they are not accustomed to too many noises or noises that are too loud. This is water bottle filled with uncooked macaroni noodles can teach your baby about making sounds. If you shake it fast it is loud, if you shake it slow is quiet.

2. Pots and Pan instruments

This may be Nori’s favorite activity. Our babies see us cook with our utensils and of course they want to as well. With a safe layout and supervision you can make an awesome family band. Not only will your baby filled involved with daily life, this is the chance to pretend cooking and serving food.

3. Playing in Jewelry

Now this is my favorite. I just adore Nori when i see her wearing my old necklace or a huge bracelet around her little wrist. This is the beginning of playing dress up. Not only is it fun for mommy, babies get the chance to explore shiny, dull or pastel colors as well as the many different textures jewelry comes in.

4. Spray bottle and toys

Want your baby to assist in the sanitizing portion if the day? This is perfect then. Set up a little area that can get wet and messy. Fill a water bottle with just water and spray your babies toys with him/her. This can be a sensory activity for you baby. while you are spraying the toys talk to your baby about what you all are doing, play around and spray their hands and feet. Even let them give it a try, it’ll be really cute.

5. Making use of old boxes

Fun, fun, fun!! With a nice old box the sky is the limit. You can pretend to be in a submarine, go-kart, helicopter, airplane, the options are so unlimited, be creative and have some fun. Even if you don’t create a fun theme, just taking the baby around a few laps in the house is still a fun activity.

Happy learning guys. I would love to hear from other mama’s out there. If you have a fun home activity that you do with your little one share it in the reply section below. you can always contact me through my contact page.

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